Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Been Busy with learning new techniques!

I've been web researching new techniques that I see on everyone's layouts. I have been out of the loop and the world of scrapbooking for a short time and it seems that there are some interesting things for me to learn.

You can make flowers out of dryer sheets and phone book pages. You can make butterflies out of dryer sheets too! You can make books out of card board from boxes that you handle everyday like cereal boxes and cracker boxes to name a few!!

I have already made mini albums from paper bags, think lunch bags or larger bags from shopping. Now you can make crinkled flowers out of them!!

I will post pictures when I get some of these new techniques mastered. I can't make a butterfly since I don't have any of my stamps here. I can't even remember if I even owned a butterfly stamp which is currently residing with the rest of my scrap stuff in Illinois. :(

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