Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purple and Green Romantic Page

I spent a week on the original version of this page. I had originally wanted a gray border from my stash along with the purple patterned paper but every time I came back to it it didn't seem right! So I started over using this green patterned paper around the edge. I hand made the paper flowers. This page turned out exactly how I was hoping it would.

Close up of the hand made paper flowers with rhinestone and pearl centers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm not sure I have enough fresh creative ideas for projects...

I can't seem to come up with ideas for even a card. Maybe I'm not cut out for scrapping to sell to others. Maybe it's because I don't have the money for a die cut machine or the newest embellishments but I seem to just sit minute after minute which turns into hours trying to decide what to do to silly pieces of paper and pretty or shiny things that you can attach to them.

I really wanted to use up my stash and my current embellies to put on cards and lay outs so I could sell them. But it doesn't seem to come easy for me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter themed Accordian Book

Well I've held on to the idea since 2003! I know that because the date is on the back of the patterned paper!! I have these 6 pages ready to go and I've cut 6 other which will be the page that holds the tags. My question has always been "how to attach the card stock which creates the pull outs?" If I sew it or use eyelets or brads they will be seen on the back side. So if you stand the book up to display it you will see that! This Snow Fort was going to be on the front as a title but it is almost the size of the 6 x 6 pages of the accordian.

I will use 3 of the 6 pages for two separate books and then make 3 more of the pages to hold the tags..

I need to add some more bling to these pages I do believe I just haven't decided what. I'm always so inspired by the extremely talented ladies on my blog list.

Sigh!! I know I always make a mountain out of a mole hill but somebody has to do it, right?!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Card I Made

I have been working on this card for a couple of weeks now. I chose 2 papers from my stash. I started with the striped pink and rose paper then place a printed green paper on the bottom. Added some Tim Holtz Distress Ink Black Soot by Ranger around the edges of the striped and green paper. I used some of my black lace ribbon and placed it on the top edge of the card. I kept going back to this with several ideas in mind to put something on top of the black lace or in the middle of the card. Then I decided I didn't want so much white showing so I took a sponge and wet it with the Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Tattered Rose and covered all of the rose paper with it. Then last night I was determined to finish the card so I remembered a new technique of using the lace as a decoration. Not sure which video or person I got the idea from but you can see the 1/8 in. black ribbon that I overlayed. I placed an old button from some thing that I had years ago in the middle since it seemed to match the style I was shooting for, now I can call it finished!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spiral Bound journal has a new look and ideas brewing!

Years ago I was given a craft board journal which I wanted to put a pair of kid's jeans on the front/back with this red bandana belt that I found. Today I went to the thrift and found some jeans but thought that idea would require too much sewing to work!

So I went to the ladies belts and found this light blue jeweled canvas belt that looks great on the cover. Now I need to add some bling and it will be ready to rock!!

Should I finish the pages with card stock and papers with embellies and make it a finished journal or sell it as is?  I can see using G45 papers or Tim Holtz style embellies along with a distressed or steampunk look to the pages?

What are your suggestions?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Been Busy with learning new techniques!

I've been web researching new techniques that I see on everyone's layouts. I have been out of the loop and the world of scrapbooking for a short time and it seems that there are some interesting things for me to learn.

You can make flowers out of dryer sheets and phone book pages. You can make butterflies out of dryer sheets too! You can make books out of card board from boxes that you handle everyday like cereal boxes and cracker boxes to name a few!!

I have already made mini albums from paper bags, think lunch bags or larger bags from shopping. Now you can make crinkled flowers out of them!!

I will post pictures when I get some of these new techniques mastered. I can't make a butterfly since I don't have any of my stamps here. I can't even remember if I even owned a butterfly stamp which is currently residing with the rest of my scrap stuff in Illinois. :(

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Problematic Papers! Be Gone!!

For years I've had some paper that I bought but never used. Once home I didn't know why I bought it and years later I've reluctantly kept it but tossed it back in my pile. Well now I've done something to it and I really like it!

Here are the steps that i took to make the paper my own: I took my ink and inked the edges and then smudged the edges with water soaked sponge. Nope, still not in love with the paper! Next I found my Zig Pigment Ink pens and outlined the floral pattern with the Fine & Chisel Plum Mist using only the Fine tip. I added a center to the daisy using the American Crafts Slick Writer in Orange Medium Point.

Well by now, I'm warming up to the paper but I'm still not there all the way. On to the roses, I used my Zig Pigment Ink Baby Pink with the chisel edge and colored the roses. Okay, okay, when will I like this paper? Answer; when I used the Zig Pigment Ink in Teal to add color to the leaves then Teal in Slick Writer to the background in some spots. BINGO!! I like this, this paper I want to work with. I put a teal colored card stock behind it and now I have ideas!!

Take a look at the pictures in progress and see what you think.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unfinished Projects--Full Steam Ahead!!

I have quite a few unfinished projects that are in the works. I'm slowly getting those further along but am not able to do too much of the "currently popular" embellies since I have to save up money in order to buy them. Being unemployed and wanting to scrap is frustrating. What little money I have I try to stretch as best I can! I will try to post pictures of what I have going and show the progress. I'd like to be able to try to get a good amount of inventory made so I can try to sell them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting my mojo back!!

It has been several years since I have created anything in my scrap room. My father had a paralyzing stroke the day before Thanksgiving in 2009 so I had to move back home to Georgia to help my parents. At first I thought I'd be here a short time, but time has proven that I'm needed here for the long haul! January 2010 I left my husband and all of my scrapbook stuff in Illinois...yes I said I left my scrapping stuff!! I've recently brought down what I thought I could get by with and left about half of the rest in Illinois!! Boy was I wrong now I'm getting the itch to scrap again and it seems everything I need/want is back home! I'm perusing websites and scrap book bloggers to get some ideas and see where the industry is at the moment. There are some mighty talented women out there whose work I drool over!!